Terms and Conditions

1 Spa Bleu Membership (Membership)

1.1  Membership costs $50.00 plus all applicable taxes per month and is renewed every month on the same calendar date originally activated on until canceled or terminated.

2 Membership Benefits (Benefits)

2.1 Customer with an active and current Membership, subject to availability of appointment, is entitled to receive one of the following services per calendar month:

2.1.1 One 90-minute float,

2.1.2 One 60-minute Discovery Facial, or

2.1.3 Four 15-minute hydro massages.

2.2 The one entitled service of section 2.1, if unused for the current calendar month, may be carried forward to the following calendar months until the Membership is canceled or has been terminated.

2.3 Customer with an active and current Membership will also have the following benefits: (applicable to the current month)

2.3.1 Additional 90-minute floats for $20 plus all applicable taxes

2.3.2 Upgrade the included 60-minute Discovery Facial of 2.1.2 to another facial with 20% discount

2.3.3 15% off retail products

2.4 Member Appreciation Date

2.4.1 Customer with an active and current Membership may designate a day in his/her calendar month for the entitled service of section 2.1 and bring a friend or family member to float for $45 plus all applicable taxes.

2.5 Spa Bleu reserves the right to change and modify the included Benefits.

3 Membership Cancellation Policy

3.1 Membership may be canceled with 30 days advance notice.

3.2 Membership must be active for at least 3 calendar months before canceling.

3.3 All unused services under 2.1 will be forfeited once the Membership has been canceled.

4 Refund Policy

4.1 Membership, once charged and activated, cannot be refunded for any reasons.

5 Membership Termination Policy

5.1 Spa Bleu reserves the right to terminate and cancel the Membership anytime without prior notice if the customer is deemed to have displayed unacceptable behavior and/or have abused the Benefits.

6 Expired Credit Card and Rejected Payment Policy

6.1 If for any reasons, payment has been rejected by the credit card issuing bank and/or the credit card has been expired and as the result, Spa Bleu is unable to collect the monthly Membership fee, Spa Bleu reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the Membership under the policy of section 5.