Massage & Body Treatment


Relaxation Massage 

Smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, plus improves circulation and range of movement.


60min    $70

90min    $100

Aromatherapy Massage

Choose your favorite essential oil & then enjoy the personalized benefits as the oils are used throughout your massage. Depending on what your body needs at the time, choose from many benefits including encouraging relaxation, better circulation, improved nervous system, revitalization of body tissues and stress release.


60min    $80
90min  $115

Relaxing Body Wrap

Relax and enjoy a gentle exfoliation with our Apricot Kernels scrub followed by moisture-binding emollient that provides deep, lasting hydration and protection for the skin. This unique body Luxe Hydrating Wrap leaves an intense hydration on the skin, enhancing defenses and soothing even the most sensitive skin. A rich, soft, warming balm uniquely melts on contact, leaving skin perfectly hydrated.

60min  $120

add 30 minutes mini-facial  $40


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Relaxing massage which drains lymph in the neck, upper and lower body areas, reducing puffiness and giving the skin a gorgeous glow - only for women.

The lymphatic massage is executed with lightly rubs, taps and strokes of the soft tissues of the body. This stimulates the lymph flow by clearing out the main lymphatic pathways, and drains the affected tissue of excess water and protein, reducing swelling.

90 min     $120

Head Massage

Calms, revitalizes and uplifts the spirit.

Relaxes taut and uncomfortable muscles, eases stiffness, stimulates blood circulation and drains away accumulated toxins, which helps to eliminate headaches and eye strain.

Increases blood flow to the brain resulting in more focused thought, greater concentration and better memory.

Ear candles are also available per request.

45 min    50$

Deep Tissue Massage

Relieves chronic patterns of tension, stresses & strains.

We use Asian massage techniques and slow deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles and other tissues deep under the skin, leaving you feel deeply relaxed & re-charged.

60 min     $90

90 min     $125

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an unique massage experience that will facilitate deep relaxation, while wiping away your daily stresses.
This massage is oil-free, your treatment is enjoyed comfortable in loose clothing that we provide for you here.
 Available Saturday and Sunday by appointment
75 min     $100

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  • We suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment, first time clients will need to fill out the client form before your treatment. In consideration of the next client, your appointment will end at the scheduled time if you arrived late.
  • If you want to cancel your appointment please inform us as quickly as possible so your slot can be filled by another client.


  • In order to provide a relaxing and quiet environment please kindly turn off your cell phone.